Discover a simple, yet powerful way to dramatically increase your business performance in just 1 day!

You'll return to your office with the clarity and tools you need to stay focused and work smarter every day going forward!

Did you know almost EVERY business struggles with the same TWO problems?

And most never discover you can eliminate these two success killers in just one day, with simple, immediately actionable steps anyone can take. 

My name is Susan Mazza. I'll share more about me and how I know what I know in a minute. But first, let's talk about you and your business. 

See if these situations sound familiar...

Ask most business professionals and entrepreneurs and they'll tell you they just don't have enough time. It seems like no matter how hard you work, there's always so much more to do. It can feel overwhelming and even exhausting. 

The second thing they'll tell you (when they're being honest!) is they lack the total clarity they need to stay focused on the right things

They'll share symptoms, like…constant frustration, uncertainty or indecisiveness, progress not being fast enough, endless deadline pressures, second-guessing your decisions, never feeling like you can say NO even when you want to. 

The good news you can solve BOTH of these problems with just ONE solution, GET MORE STRATEGIC

And that is exactly what you will get from this fast moving, information rich day!

Thinking and acting strategically is key to your financial success, AS WELL AS to greater satisfaction with your achievements, your legacy and your life.

You’ll Discover How To...

...make decisions strategically, consistently and with certainty,

...stay focused on what matters most to your success each and every day,

...eliminate time-wasters,

...and even discover more productive hours in each day!

As a a business consultant and coach for thousands of executives, business owners and non-profit leaders over 25 years, I’ve been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve breakthrough results.  

I've discovered the most successful people do something others do not - they invest time working ON their business, not just IN their business.  

You've heard it said "If you do what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've already got!” These business leaders pay as much attention to working ON the strategy of their business as they do to working IN it. When they bring me in to support and guide them in focusing ON their business they achieve massive, satisfying results.

Now, I've distilled my entire process into a simple, proven Strategy Power Day to help YOU GET CLEAR, STAY FOCUSED AND WORK SMARTER - where YOU CAN Work ON your business and design your future the way you want it to be just like Amy did.

Listen to her experience and the difference it made for her and her organization. I ran into Amy at a conference a year after she had attended the Strategy Power Day where I taught the Strategy in Action™ System for the first time. She had this to say:

"When I took the approach back to my CEO his words were “this is genius”! Of course I felt great about it and it is transforming the way we do business. In fact our current strategic plan is built on the system. Without it I don’t think we would reach or full potential or have as many impacts on our clients.”

Amy Bunton, President

Pathways Women's Business Center

Nashville, TN

You Deserve This Day! 

Make the decision NOW to carve out this one day FOR YOU to work ON your business. There is a saying “success loves speed” so when you register you will receive a Quick Start Guide to help you start to prepare right away to ensure you get the most out of your Strategy Power Day. 

This will ensure that when you get to your Power Day you'll be ready to take the ADVANCED STEPS and create the Perfect Strategy for the business, life and lifestyle you deserve!

One more thing... to make this Power Day as effective as possible, we have to limit the number of attendees. I encourage you, don't put off this quality decision. 

You deserve this time. It's your time! Register now to secure your seat! I look forward to working with you to GET CLEAR, GET FOCUSED AND WORK SMARTER so you can achieve YOUR next level of success.

What People Said About Our Programs


Systems Engineer

It would not be a stretch for me to say that your program was life changing for me. I was dealing with some incredibly difficult challenges professionally. Susan helped me remember what it is that drives me and rediscover the power of my leadership style. I went from feeling discouraged to playing big again!


Principle, BJB Consulting

Your simple approach to strategy helped me go from feeling overworked and overwhelmed to being able to easily prioritize the programs that would have the biggest impact on our results. We doubled our fundraising, increased active volunteers and community engagement, and were able to increase staff to sustain delivery of our programs.


CEO, Speaking Empire

Your strategy process has helped me to get clear and stay clear, as well as be a better, more confident leader. By keeping myself and my team focused on the things that matter most to our success the stress level is lower and our results are consistently getting better and better.

Why I Created the Strategy Power Day for Business Owners and Professionals Like You...

A simple, clear strategy is the key to working smarter rather than harder to achieve your biggest, boldest aspirations

It's also the key to getting focused and staying focused on the things that make the biggest difference to both your bottom line AND your satisfaction.      

Unfortunately, when you are so busy working IN your business doing the critical every day things you must do, it can be very hard to pull yourself away and make the time to do the essential, strategic work ON your business that you need and want to do, too.

According to Chet Holmes, known as the Super Strategist to the Fortune 500, 99% of executives are actually tactical executives. He suggests that it’s the very rare person that both comes up with the strategy to achieve something remarkable and implements effectively.

What Big Companies Like AT&T, Prudential and CBRE Know About What EVERY Company Needs

The truth is that most action plans are not strategic, and that may be costing you and your team or organization more time, money and satisfaction than you realize.

I know this first hand because I have been asked to work with thousands of people in companies around the world to help them achieve high performance – this includes people from small businesses to fortune 50 companies, and from line managers to the C-suite. Interestingly enough, professionals at every level struggle with getting clear, staying focused and working smart. In other words, they struggle with being strategic.

The great news is that regardless of your level, or the size or type of organization, there is an approach to being strategic that works consistently and reliably to take you to the next level. 

That's why I created The Strategy in Action™ Power Day ­­­­­­­­­to provide you with the tools you need to take action that will ensure you take your business to the next level of success and satisfaction! 

Companies have paid TENS of thousands of dollars to use the process that I am now making available to you at a fraction of the cost.

So the question for you is: are you being strategic in your business?

...ARE YOU SATISFIED with the level of results you and your team are producing or do you know that something more is possible, but you just can’t seem to find a way to get there? 

...ARE YOU CONFIDENT that those who work with and for you are owning the results along with you, and are able to make decisions and reprioritize work rather than asking you to just tell them what to do?

...ARE YOU CERTAIN that you are working on the things that will take you, your team or your business to the next level?

If your answer to any of these questions is anything other than a resounding YES, then consider it’s time to take action…but a different kind of action thus the SIA Power Day was created for you.

After completing this highly interactive, fast paced day, you will return to your office with…

  1. Your Customized 1 Page Strategy in Action™ Plan to help you quickly know the right strategic choices and priorities for everything you do.
  2. Your Quick Start Strategic Action Prioritizer to help you stay on track so you take action on the things that matter most and that empowers and advances your team without increasing stress or overwhelm.
  3. The Strategic Leadership Playbook that will empower you to easily repeat the entire process, at any time.

You will learn how to…

1.   Develop a Simple Strategy for Delivering Satisfying Success: You’ll be introduced to the Strategy In Action™ Framework, and will be guided through a process to develop your strategy.


2.   Define Goals that Drive and Motivate Action: The most successful organizations begin with the end in mind. You will be walked through a process of defining your “end goal” in a way that motivates and inspires you and your team to take effective action. This is the key to ensuring you work smart, not just hard, and is foundational to leading a successful organization.


3.   Make Strategic Choices to Ensure You Work on the RIGHT Things: There are countless ideas to explore, opportunities to consider, and things you could do. The question is how do you choose the “right” ones – the ones that are most likely to ensure your success? You will learn how to use your strategy to guide your choices.


4.   Set Priorities So You Stay Focused on What Matters Most: Given the all too human tendency to take on too much, it is important to have a method for setting and adapting priorities. You will learn a simple approach to setting priorities that will ensure you stay on track for success.


5.   Create a Workable Plan that Leverages Your Resources: A workable plan must be developed to lay out the specific steps you must take to implement those things you strategically choose to do. The trick is to make sure your plan empowers you and others rather than overwhelms them. We’ll give you some guidance on how to structure your plans so you are set up to succeed.

Get the clarity and tools you need to dramatically improve your business performance in just 1 day!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 9am-4pm


The Center for Aeronautics and Innovation at FIT (CAI Building), 1050 W. NASA Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901


$497 ($597 at the door)


Register yourself and your team NOW!

Our Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Attend the first 2 hours of the workshop and if you are not already satisfied that this information will help you get clearer, stay more focused and work smarter you will receive an UNCONDITIONAL refund of your total investment, no questions asked.

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